Thursday, July 2, 2009

Move Over Hallmark

Looking for some unusual greeting cards that are so very un-Hallmark? The good folks at Supermarket have some ideas for you:

This little gem is by designer Portnerness from Los Angeles...though that pee puddle looks a bit like worms or noodles and non-liquidy to me.

Now THAT is a baby shower card that I can agree with. I like Porterness' sense of humor.

This card by Cracked Designs speaks for itself...yum!

And for those of you who think sending stuff in the mail is SO 1995 (kinda like paying for your groceries with a check...hello people, use a CHECK's the same thing!!) ....sorry, I definitely need to check out They have the best e-greetings around - snarky, ironic, get the drift. Have a great long holiday weekend everyone!!

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