Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cute n Creepy

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone! I discovered Deryk Thomas' cute but creepy art today - I'd say Deryk's work is a slightly sunnier version of Mark Ryden's style, I thought I'd share these darling and naughty works with you. This well dressed puppy below, in the giclee print Happy Birthday Puppy, is enjoying a solo birthday picnic at what appears to be a gravesite, with a rather disturbingly large human looking bone in his paw...

In No Use Crying, I sense that this kitty cop is about to go all Chris Brown on that bird's ass and incite a riot.
In Consolation, this kitty girl appears pretty guilty of disturbing the peace of those adorable little chicks - thought not sure why she's hankering after that lollipop when there's some tasty chicken morsels at her feet?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Small Art

In my last post, I mentioned The Lab's Annual Postcard Show, which features a plethora of small format art. They are partnering with the Museum of Pocket Art, affecionados of even smaller art...yes, art that fits in your pocket! Founded by graduates of the San Francisco Art Institute, the MOPA features art from new and emerging artists, and for the most part, the works are business card sized to fit snugly in your wallet.

Works by Jean Reece Wilkey and Julie Nelson. Many more interesting works are found on their site. Check it out!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Smaller is Better

Sometimes smaller is better, especially when it comes to art - easier to display and transport, and often lighter on your wallet. And of course while Red Cake has lots of small art, you must check out The Lab's annual Postcard Show on Dec. 4- 6, for heaps of the most amazing small format art, handmade jewelry, and collectibles.

There is still time to participate - if you want to take part, just fill out the entry form and start creating! Tons of folks come to shop and it's an awesome way to show off your arty goods, as well as support a worthy non-profit organization.

And if you're on Facebook (who isn't these days?) - won't you please become a fan of Red Cake? We know you want to! :) Hope everyone had a great weekend :)