Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cute n Creepy

Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone! I discovered Deryk Thomas' cute but creepy art today - I'd say Deryk's work is a slightly sunnier version of Mark Ryden's style, I thought I'd share these darling and naughty works with you. This well dressed puppy below, in the giclee print Happy Birthday Puppy, is enjoying a solo birthday picnic at what appears to be a gravesite, with a rather disturbingly large human looking bone in his paw...

In No Use Crying, I sense that this kitty cop is about to go all Chris Brown on that bird's ass and incite a riot.
In Consolation, this kitty girl appears pretty guilty of disturbing the peace of those adorable little chicks - thought not sure why she's hankering after that lollipop when there's some tasty chicken morsels at her feet?

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