Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lee Press On Nails Never Looked This Good

Last Thursday, I went to my friend Mary Anne's artist's reception at Frey Norris Gallery, which I blogged about a couple weeks ago. The show also included work from Laurel Roth, with some amazing pieces made of fake nails, fake eyelashes, nail polish, barrettes and bling-y crystals...
Gosh, Lee Press On Nails take me back to the 80's..I don't believe they make them anymore..but I digress....

These photos don't do justice to this piece, which measures about 50" x 50".

A close-up shot - the most amazingly lovely use of fake nails I've ever seen!

This piece, Beloved, is made of fake fingernails, false eyelashes, barrettes, dimestore jewelry, wood, pewter, swarovski crystal, nail polish and measures 36" x 12" x 12".\

And in case you want to learn more about fake nails, check out Wikipedia's informative article.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lady Things

My friend Michael turned me on to Robyn Comming, a talented artist who takes some pretty damn cool, highly stylized photographs. They are reminiscent of fashion photography with vibrant colors and dramatic compositions. My faves are from her "Lady Things" series, a few of which I'll show you here....all are untitled C-prints.

This portrait is my favorite - is she a garden party fashion victim or did she fall prey to her prized rose collection?

This lovely piece is a bit more subtle with a melancholy air...I feel like she's an insomniac desparate for some shut eye yet she just can't achieve it.

Suffocated by pretty, peaceful white doves...ironic isn't it?