Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cool Shizz for Baby

It seems that half of the chicks I know have a bun in the oven right now and that I'm inundated with baby showers. And everyone knows that baby showers can be boring as shizz, especialy when there's no booze (uh, super lame). So even if the shower sucks, at least you can give a cool gift. If you're looking for very hip, anti-Baby Gap baby clothes, check out my friend Andrea's Babywit - you'll find unique, quality gear (no sweatshops here!), and even eco-friendly fabrics and inks.

Get this for your next baby shower gift, guaranteed for a laugh (if the mom-to-be has a good sense of humor) ;-P

I love this delicious burger dress, which I bought for my friend's daughter...kinda want one for myself too.

Now, normally I detest pigeons, but somehow this little toddler tee from Fawn & Forest is pretty damn cute! I am just SO over the forest animal craze that happened a couple years back. While I love all things forest animals, we've been oversaturated - so pigeons are somehow refreshing.

And to finish off...I LOVE this kitty onesie, also by Fawn & Forest- I'd totally wear it if it were my size. Have a great weekend ya'll!!


sarahgreen said...

Hi, I’m Sarahgreen.. new to this space. Can someone help me finda site that offers natural/ eco-friendly baby products?

I’ve found a few sites but not all their products are organic or eco-friendly, and it’s hard to find a site that has cute stuff.

Kate said...

I’ve bought products from this site, they’re customer service is great and their products are great quality.
From their site“furniture is made with FSC certified sustainable woods and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Their bedding and towels are made of 100% organic cotton.”

sarahgreen said...

Thanks for the rec, cool site… I love all of their products!

Kate said...

me too!