Monday, February 9, 2009

Eat Your Veggies

I came across this cool organization, MyFarm - they grow fruits and veggies in urban backyards in San Francisco, and distribute the food via typical CSA (community supported agriculture) style. So, if you have space in your yard but don't have the time/aptitude/energy to grow your own food- just contact MyFarm and their experienced gardeners will plant and tend them for you! In exchange for your space, you will get a box of produce each time there is a harvest. Pretty nifty!

And I guess since we're talking about veggies...I made this scrumptious pumpkin pecan pie this weekend (I've been fairly obsessed with pie lately...). I mostly followed this recipe from 101Cookbooks but used pecans instead of hazelnuts. I even used low fat coconut milk, and it was satisfying but not gut busting. Not a bad way to eat your veggies!

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