Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh Shopping Cart, Where Art Thou?

My current favorite periodical is Gastronomica - a lovely quarterly journal of food and culture, with very few ads. In the current issue, I came across an interesting article about The Stray Shopping Cart Project by artist Julian Montague- he photographs stray shopping carts as they are found, and classifies them as scientists would:

Makes you view shopping carts in a slightly different light, no?

On a similar note...I just discovered another periodical similar to Gastronomica, called Meatpaper.
As the title suggests, it discusses meat and the culture that surrounds it. I haven't read the actual magazine yet but I am totally intrigued by the cover art alone (yes, that is a suit made of meat!!):

I did take a peek at this one article available on their site about MEATY COCKTAILS! Yes "The Beefytini (on offer at the Circle Bar in New Orleans) is a combination of Beefeater gin, vermouth, and jerky juice (a brine and jerky mixture), a meaty twist on the dirty martini. The Seattle-based Jones Soda Co. sells a “Turkey and Gravy” flavored soda, as well as a holiday season ham variety".

Hmmm ..jerky juice and ham soda!!
I think I will have to hunt down this mag and take a peruse...

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