Monday, December 8, 2008

Gifts for Your Pussy...and More!

OMG...what cat owner wouldn't want this Cat Play House for their little pussy?

The fighter jet is also pretty sweet:

I just discovered
Ponoko - a pretty neat site where you can shop as well as make and design all sorts of goodies that are made on demand, like this cool, very affordable light:

I wish I'd known about this site earlier this year, when we were shopping for a new light fixture for our dining room! I found that it was hard to find a unique, cool, non-Ikea but not crazy expensive light fixture....this is the Viso pendant light we ended up in case you're wondering:

And here is one gift that I can't imagine anyone wanting...really...edgy elf??? WTF??

Makes me wonder what an edgy Santa would wear.....?

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