Friday, November 7, 2008


I am a huge fan of food- eating as well as cooking and baking- and so today, I wanted to share some food related art and art related food with ya'll...Check out the work of artist Kuniko Maeda...the tablecloth is made of slices of bread, ham, and cheese sewn together...fabulous! And I LOVE the table, which made entirely of cake!!
Check out her work at:

Some very meticulous, Japanese anime inspired bento boxes,
complete with carefully carved cleavage...

Again from Japan, these tasty tidbits of sushi are
almost too cute to eat:

And to finish, I wanted to share a pic of some Obama cookies I baked for election day..while they pale in comparison to the sushi and bento boxes, they were fun to bake! Have a great weekend everyone :) - Sherry

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