Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarah Palin + Pancakes = Art?

Welcome to Red Cake's inaugural blog post! It took us awhile to come up with an appropriate topic to start off with- and well, the election came to mind, since that's all we've been hearing about lately. And being that Red Cake sells art, I scoured the web for some of the interesting, weird, and just plain bad election inspired art. I was surprised to find very few Palin inspired artwork- perhaps there are some masterpieces still in the works?

Not feeling patriotic enough? Hang this in your house to show you're a proud American.
The fiery orange background kind of reminds me of hell, no?:

McCain pancake portrait (is it just me, or does he always look constipated?) The white auras emanating from his head provide a somewhat holy sensibility to this piece:

Sarah again, but this time au naturel- unfortunately we can't get a real good close up shot of this one, but perhaps we are just better off that way:

There was a wealth of Obama art from a contest sponsored by, most of it pedestrian, but a couple standouts:
Barack in a box...
odd, but well executed:

A very eco-friendly rock and mulch Barack:

Obama on a Unicorn (enough said):

If you have any election inspired art to share with us, please do by sending an email to: info (at) We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions! Thanks for checking us out come back soon for arty tidbits :)


Anonymous said...

I recently bought at Prez Pez (Obama) linocut print from:

trishnachick said...

There may have been a shortage of Palin inspired artwork around election time but your thoughts that masterpieces were in the works seems to be spot on, check out this collection I came across,