Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fake Museums Rock

I recently went to see my friend Mary Anne Kluth's amazing show at Frey Norris Gallery in San Francisco that includes watercolors, ceramic rocks, detailed dioramas, and photographs in the style of a museum exhibit. Everything is so thoughtfully done, beautifully crafted with painstaking detail, and with a little bit of quirk. Just a few of the many, many pieces on view:

Iceland a Raindrop of Lava
C-print on aluminum

I really love these painted ceramic wood stumps!

Chunk of Wood Shaped, a Cross Section Out of a Tree, with Crystals Inside, Different Colors 1 and 2
glazed ceramic, cone 06

And this is just a really awesome looking rock!

Because of These Reaction Rings
Watercolor and graphite on paper

I really do hope you will check out the show - it is up until August 27th, so scurry yourself over there before it closes!! :)

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