Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fun on Etsy

If you ever need to kill some time, trot on over to Etsy and you'll whittle away the hours perusing the endless array of handmade arts and crafts. Not only does Etsy have tons of unique items by independent designers and artists, they also have a lot of supplies to make the aforementioned stuff, like vintage fabric, beads, etc. It does sometimes take awhile to search to find exactly what you need/wantdidn't know you wanted, but it's usually worth the wait. Here, I've culled some of my favorite finds that have caught my eye.

BerkeleyIllustration has lots of quirky animal prints, like this little Squirrel Lady above, and the well dressed Raccoon below. They're a little bit Alice in Wonderland and Peter Rabbit. And these are only $10 - perfectly recession friendly!

Now on to some wearable goodies...these fried egg earrings by Inedible Jewelry are just adorable!

This very cute ruffle sleeve top by Econica is so versatile and looks so comfy, I would totally wear it everywhere.

And this pleated blouse by Modaspia is simple, elegant and looks wonderfully made - I am definitely putting this on my birthday wish list!

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