Monday, October 12, 2009

Kiwi Art

I just returned from vacation in New Zealand and we saw some cool art at the Center of Contemporary Art (COCA) in Christchurch. Aside from the cool art, NZ was everything we expected and more- beautiful scenery, super friendly people, sheep everywhere you look, and to my surprise, lots of great fashion! That'll be another post....Here are some art highlights...

Baby Battallion by Aroha Novak - I'd love to have this knitted tank on my mantel.

Rose-Marie Salmon combines craft and sass in her embroidered pieces, like in Untitled 5 (above) and Untitled - Come sail your ships around me.

One Lady Two, embroidery and paint on canvas.

Nicole Burke had a solo exhibition going on when I visited, with several cut paper pieces like
Pinned Series 7-9 and Pinned Series 4.

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