Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Buy Local, Buy Cool

Some of you may be tired already about hearing 'buy local, buy sustainable blah blah blah'... but there is plenty of very cool local, sustainable goodies to be had! So for all you San Francisco Bay Area are a few of my fave destinations for cool local wares...

Anti-Factory has very cool, one of a kind clothes made from recycled fabrics- I have a dress from them that I get so many compliments on. This cute dress will certainly make you stand out anywhere you go!

Cara Lyndon is an Oakland based jewelry designer - I discovered her lovely jewels when she submitted them to The Lab's annual Postcard Show a few years back. Her super cute jewelry often uses vintage findings and are very affordable- this lovely ring is just $30:

And this vintage Japanese button necklace will go with just about anything!

How about some edgy butcher knife cufflinks by Spagwerks for the man in your life?

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this information.. I would love to hear more updates from you as well. Buying local is really awesome because you are also helping your fellow people. Thanks for sharing.
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