Saturday, March 7, 2009

The World's Largest Pinata?

Below is apparently what may be the world's largest pinata, standing at 59 feet tall and filled with 8,000 pounds of candy!!! I'd think it would be quite dangerous to be standing too close to it when it's whacked open....

Carnival Cruise Lines sponsored this in Philadelphia, and they apparently brought in a wrecking ball to break this puppy open, however I have yet to see any photos of that online....
speaking of p i natas......if you are ever in need of a pinata, check out seriously have almost any kind of pinata your heart desires including:

Yep, that's a
Fidel Castro pinata!

Ever wanted to take that annoying douchebag's cellphone and bash it to bits? Now you can! This cell phone pinata actually RINGS when you smack it....yay!!! And they can make custom order pinatas too, in case you don't find what you're looking for....have a great weekend ya'll.

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